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Wake N Bake Vol.1

Wake N Bake Vol.1

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Wake N Bake Vol.1 (Deluxe)

produced mixed and mastered by MELO-X

Original artwork by Corey Wash 

Deluxe art work by Xtra Creative House 

     Digital Download MP3 version of the album Wake n Bake 

 Included in download:

- album mp3

-original album art 

     MELO-X, the dynamic artist known for blending genres and pushing creative boundaries, introduces his latest work, "Wake and Bake". This innovative album redefines the morning's first moments, transforming everyday rituals into a symphony of inspiration and productivity.

     Diverging from the traditional meaning of "Wake n Bake", MELO-X's album celebrates the art of starting the day with purpose - be it through meditation, cooking, or setting intentions. Each track is meticulously crafted to mirror the varied energies of morning and daily routines, making "Wake and Bake" a universal backdrop for dawn's diverse moods.

     The EP is a rich tapestry of riddims, beats, and soundscapes, each piece reflecting MELO-X's journey through music and life. Designed as a soundtrack for your morning activities, it elevates routine tasks into moments of mindful engagement and awakening.

     With "Wake and Bake", MELO-X offers a musical awakening that enriches the start of your day.   It's an invitation to embrace each morning with energy and mindfulness, turning everyday rituals into a celebration of the new dawn.

     "Wake and Bake" is not just an album; it's a morning ritual enhancer, a collection of post/pre-meditation riddims that resonate with the soul. Embrace the day with MELO-X's latest creation and redefine your morning experience. This is vol.1 


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